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Unique Funding Solutions


Extremely Fast Turnaround

As industry veterans, we know that speed is extremely important to ISO’s. That’s why we’ve carefully honed our processes so that we can send you an approval in less than 24 hours. Our existing ISO’s have gotten used to our speed, so should you. Test us! Send us your files and you will be pleasantly surprised with our unparalleled approval turnaround.


Universally Trusted

Our reputation remains the gold standard in the Merchant Cash Advance industry. We will never backdoor your deals. We carefully vet our employees and we audit our team regularly to make sure our security is top-quality. Trust is essential for a successful working relationship with a funder, that’s why we’ve made it our #1 focus from the day we launched this company.


Optimum Solutions

UFS has funding programs for business owners with bad credit history, newer businesses and those businesses that are performing well but their financial statements don’t do them justice. We approve a large percentage of our applications and can provide our merchants significantly more capital than most in the industry. It only takes a few minutes to apply and less than 24 hours for approval.


High Commissions

We pay our ISO’s one of the highest commissions in the industry. We also frequently run special bonus programs for ISO’s that close a nice amount of deals with us. ISO’s work incredibly hard to get their merchant’s funding; UFS shows its appreciation by compensating our ISO’s properly.


Customer Service

Every business is unique, and each situation needs careful review. We make sure to work closely with our ISO’s so that each submission gets its proper attention. Our ISO’s and our merchants appreciate our thorough review and understanding of each business. We stay in touch with our ISO’s and merchants all throughout the lifecycle of our relationship.


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